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This is our third week featuring an inspirational woman for our, SM Women Who Inspire Us article and we are so proud to feature, Angelica Calvillo.  Angelica’s story is especially inspiring because of the way it began.  A registered nurse, Mom of two, wife and lover of baseball began her journey into entrepreneurship after something life changing.

Sitting in the hospital, not as a nurse, but as the wife to a patient listening to a doctor say, “…you didn’t realize you had been working your whole life on the battle you are about to endure”. Calvillo’s husband only thirty five years old was told he has cancer, and to get ready for the biggest battle of his life.

Calvillo’s situation of hardship reminds me of a quote, “Everywhere man is confronted with fate, with a chance of achieving something through his own suffering.”- Victor Frankel.  Taking her suffering from something negative and turning it into an incredible positive.  The nurse who has committed her entire adult life to people, now helps others inside their homes preparing their bodies, for a life threatening battle.  Angelica is an independent consultant with a world renowned “nurse approved” company named, Isagenix.

Working alongside some of the most motivating individuals is helpful to Calvillo, but her biggest motivations are her husband and children.  Every day Angelica watches the man she loves fight for his life. Instead of sitting back and letting her emotions overtake her, Calvillo works harder. Pushing past excuses and choosing to fight alongside her husband to give them the best life they can have, as well as others around them.   “…When you see someone fighting for their life you start to realize what life is all about”.

After asking Angelica what advice she would give to someone in business and she replied, “Don’t give up, giving up is easy.  You need to be patient, pursue your passion. Keep dreaming and think outside the box. Fail hard and fail fast. You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Stay consistent, set goals for yourself and don’t stop until you get them. You will lose friends, people will laugh and want to see you fail, that’s just reality, surround yourself with people who are going to support you no matter what and are going to make you better. Have fun life is too short to not have fun. Most importantly stick to your vision and mission. Success will come with effort!”

How many of you can relate? We know personally we wouldn’t be anywhere without setting goals and staying consistent. We are so inspired by Angelica and the personal responsibility she takes to help people all over the world in becoming the healthiest versions of themselves. We’re a little high after her pep talk and motivated to keep going through all the obstacles we are facing in our own business today. The reason we started this weekly article is to help motivate not just ourselves, but encourage others to pursue what scares them. Don’t dream your dreams, live them, because you can.

Thank you for taking the time with us Angelica Calvillo, we adore you and are inspired by you!

To your husband, keep fighting, but mostly, get well soon and YOU GOT THIS!

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    Joy Ramsauer
    April 20, 2018 9:07 am

    I loved this article and it truly shows her compassion for people! Showing other women out there just what you can accomplish when you put your mind, heart, and soul into a business.


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