Mothers Day is traditionally where we stop everything and let mom do what she wants!

We take them to lunch or dinner and bring flowers and gifts. I don’t know about you but my mom just wants to sleep all day and me cook her dinner. But can any of this even be 1% of a true token of gratitude?

Unfortunately, I know there are individuals out there that didn’t have a great relationship with their mom. That breaks my heart because I don’t know who I would be or where I would be if I didn’t have my mother. But lets actually think about all that our moms do for us. Back in the old day women didn’t normally work. They would stay at home, make sure the house is clean, run errands, take care of the kids while making sure dinner was ready on the table when Mr. Man got home.

UGH, that sounds exhausting!!!

But in todays age thankfully, women have the option to work. And not only can we work but we can be CEO’s, managers, waitresses or whatever our little heart desires! I’m truly grateful for the progress women have made over the years but to be honest, I think it has come back to kick us in the butt. Not only are women going to work but I find that they are still expected to do all the original tasks. Mom wakes up, feeds the kids, gets them dressed, get herself dressed, make sure backpacks are packed, make sure homework is done, feed the dog, drive kids to school, go to work, pick kids up, take kids to soccer, pick kids up from soccer and still have dinner ready on the table!

I’m not writing this to bash men! I’m writing to truly take a moment to reflect on all our moms do for us. I was a cheerleader in my younger days and for many years on 2 teams. I remember being in San Diego one day and San Francisco the next for competitions. The glorious days of red lipstick and ring tight curls in a pony tail…eww. But my mom would drive me all over just to get me to where I needed to be because I enjoyed the sport. Even as I am in my 20s my mom is extremely supportive and always jumping in on my adventures. She has even gone skydiving with me and I got to chase her tandem! My mom is my biggest cheerleader and supporter for all life’s endeavors!

So today on Mothers day lets truly be appreciative for the women in our lives. Even if you didn’t have a mother growing up I’m sure you had someone who took you in as their own that you can look up to. There are so many things that we as women do noticed and unnoticed. No matter if you’re a mom, daughter, aunt, sister or all of the above lets cheers to the women we look up to and who we strive to be ourselves.

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