The Invitation™ Bottle

The Invitation™ Bottle


The Invitation™ Bottle



The Invitation Eau De Parfum

50 ml – 1.7 oz

The Invitation is not perfume, it’s confidence in a bottle. Made to be worn from day to night, starting off light and flirty and developing into a warm and sensual scent. One spray lasts all day! The Invitation develops with your bodies skin chemistry to develop your own individual signature scent.

A portion of every bottle goes back to fight human trafficking.

Top notes:  Italian Bergamot, Fresh Green Coconut and crisp Macintosh Apple.

Middle note: Lily of the Valley.

Base notes: White Amber and French Vanilla.

Hints of Caramel and Dry Woods.

Pairs well with our body butter – The Huile & Butter – Smoothing Body Butter

The Invitation perfume was in IPSY!

Tips for application: Apply The Invitation to warm and cool areas for a unique scent experience. Apply to warm pulse points on the body. The warmth will activate the scent and help the base notes shine with your bodies natural oils and salts. If you’re tall, apply to the back of your knees (scent rises). Application on a piece of clothing will help the top notes stay in tact longer for you. They are typically the first to burn off. This is why we always choose a cool spot to apply the scent. Smith & McCain love to apply the scent to their scarves and jackets. Make sure your skin is well hydrated as well as your body. The hydration will help your scent last longer. Smith & McCain developed our signature Huile & Butter – Smoothing Body Butter to assist with this. The oils prevent trans epidermal water loss.

Whatever hydrating product you use, just make sure it’s lightly scented so your fragrance can shine!

Feel incredible, smell beautiful and have the confidence to take on the world.


1 review for The Invitation™ Bottle

  1. Avatar

    Stephanie Acosta-Soto

    I received this perfume as a gift for my birthday last year and I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with it! Such a clean, paradise like scent. I’m down to my last few drops and I’m savoring every bit.

    • Alycia Mccain

      Alycia Mccain

      This makes us feel so much pride and reminds us why we work so hard! We adore you and thank you for wearing, The Invitation!

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