The Perspective

When applying fragrance we all have one thing in common, POINT AND SHOOT.

Some of us are very precise about where we spray our fragrance, and others- not so much.

I personally am guilty of all of it. I sometimes spray perfume all over my body, down to my shoes. While other times, I place the perfume in just the spots that matter.

I am here to talk to you about how to best wear your favorite fragrance, for longevity and impact from each spritz.

Fragrance is a combination of small and big molecules. Each molecule reacts to the temperature, oils and aromas from your skin.  This is why all of us smell differently even when we wear the same exact fragrance.  You will find your favorite scent can even smell differently during the seasons.  A lot of this is due to the different temperatures of season and what aromas are dominant that time of year.  These things can influence how you perceive your fragrance.

When wearing your favorite scent (The Invitation) it is important to think about your environment, and what you will be doing.

For example, I am tall and I get hot very easily. My fragrance burns off quickly when I apply it to the hot places on my body and I wash my hands too often to apply it on my wrists. With all that in mind, I choose to place it on the back of my knees.  I KNOW, weird. My whole process of thinking is that I have poor circulation in my legs and they stay fairly cool.  Warm enough because they move and every time I walk the scent poofs up into the air and rises up into everyone’s noses around me.

So when applying your fragrance keep in mind what parts of your body get hottest and coolest. My best tip to give you is to choose somewhere warm, but active. A pulse point is great because every time your pulse beats, it puts fragrance into the around you. The backs of your knees or even clothes are great places.  I do suggest the clothing you decide to spray your fragrance on to be something that gets warm. This way you can smell the layers of scent and appreciate them to their full potential.

My last and final important tip is after you apply your fragrance, don’t “rub it in”. I mean you can, but when you do, you actually break the scent down faster.  This is something Kristin and I tell everyone who purchases our fragrance from us in person. We want you to fully appreciate The Invitation or any fragrance you wear.

I hope my little tips help you and let you get the most of your favorite scents.

-Alycia McCain

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