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My name is Kristin Smith, Co-founder of Smith & McCain. I have truly enjoyed this portion of my business and that is focusing on women in our community that also love empowering others to accomplish their goals! This week I have the honor to write about an individual that has personally been an inspiration to me in mental, spiritual and business growth.

The woman I speak of is Cayla Craft. Craft is an entrepreneur, mommy of three, wife to an amazing husband and one badass mentor! Don’t let this “girl next door” look fool you! She is one hard working, go getting, shake things up, kind of gal.

Over the past 6 years Cayla has helped women start their own business through a company called Isagenix. As her leadership and team building skills developed she realized she wanted to go deeper and further with her career. As she continued to mentor and help women with their business start up, Cayla realized a common denominator. Moms don’t pursue their dreams due to FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out! Moms feel that if they start or go into business they will miss out on every waking moment of their children growing up. So what do they do? They don’t end up taking the bull by the horns and stepping into that very uncomfortable place in life called “entrepreneurship”.

The reality is, you might miss a cough. You might miss a PTA meeting. You might even miss one soccer practice! OH no!! Guess what? Your kids won’t even remember. That’s where Cayla decided it was time to create Mommy Millionaire.

When drawing out the business plan for Mommy Millionaire Cayla wanted to have one main objective. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!!! You can have health and fitness, time with your kids and spouse, as well as owning and operating your very own business. By subscribing to the Mommy Millionaire podcast you will get inspiration, motivation and blunt in your face, lets rock this sh*t encouragement!

Cayla’s passion is for moms to never let anything get in their way which is true inspiration to more then half the women around the world! Craft says, “Through the mentorship of Mommy Millionaire I want to give these women the tools to have a thriving business with motivation to step into their own greatness!”

In five years Cayla sees Mommy Millionaire to have an Ambassador program as well as offering scholarships to women in third world countries. You can subscribe to Craft’s podcast or visit her site at

Cayla’s drive to empower other women is irreproachable! I personally have loved my time getting to know and learn from her. Her no nonsense, no excuse force of nature is something to be reckoned with. Thank you, Calya, for all that you do and all that you continue to do for yourself, your community and women around the world!

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